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With the wish and commitment to make an internet radio station that provides the best quality, based on an exclusive and careful selection of talks, dialogues, interviews, lectures, practices and guided meditations, we are putting ourselves to work at Koradi Radio, to make a small contribution from the heart, to the entire Gnostic Brotherhood.

Our proposal and commitment is to make a simple Gnostic Radio channel, that discusses the Doctrine and that allows to see the path from a different perspective.

The youthful style, in all our dialogues, in itself, denotes a profound meaning for the new vision that the Koradi Team exposes, with that eccentric stamp that comes spontaneously, creating a climate of care with our listeners.


At the service of the being. We understand that it is useless to be a light, if this light is not illuminating the path of others;  for this reason and for the good of the whole international Gnostic community we provide the means for misionary instructors from all over the world to make their contribution to the great cause.

Our radio channel’s target audience is towards gnostic instructors and gnostics students who have studied or previously attended a gnostic school and recieved the basic principles. Any of our listeners lacking a basic foundation in these studies might find themselves with more questions than answers. For this reason we recomend that any aspirant who is new to the teachings seek a formal introduction to gnosis via any of the various gnostic organizations schools located throughtout world.

About us

We inform our loyal audience that the station is supported by the invaluable contributions from brethren from different countries and various gnostic organization groups who selflessly cooperate  and work with us ad-honorem providing their time and service in order to make koradi radio and our website possible.

On behalf of all of us who make up the Koradi Radio team and with the commitment to be faithful to our beloved guru, teacher, the  V.M. Samael Aun Weor, we invite you to listen and actively engage with Koradi Radio. To browse and study the archives in our download section which contain the recorded live programs that have been previously aired each month and are organized in folders with the name of each particular guest speaker and their respective lectures titles.

We yearn that our selfless effort will serve as encouragement for the inner work.

Sincerely, Koradi Radio Team | “At the Service of the Being”


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